What is the name of a collective group of leprichauns?

Since leprechauns are not real, there is no official collective noun for them, but they are commonly referred to as an "indulgence" of leprechauns. Others sources suggest an "annoyance" of leprechauns.

Collective noun is a count noun that denotes a group of individuals (e.g. assembly, family, crew).

A collective noun can be used with either a singular verb (my family was always hard-working) or a plural verb (his family were disappointed in him). Generally speaking, in Britain it is more usual for collective nouns to be followed by a plural verb, while in the US the opposite is true. Notice that, if the verb is singular, any following pronouns must be too: the government is prepared to act, but not until it knows the outcome of the latest talks (not … until they know the outcome …)

See a table of supernatural collective nouns compiled by Digital Citizen.

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