What is the name of Lady Chatterley's lover? The Gardener?

Oliver Mellors is the lover of Lady Chatterley.

Oliver Mellors is the gamekeeper on Clifford Chatterley's estate, Wragby. He is aloof, sarcastic, intelligent and noble. He was born near Wragby, and worked as a blacksmith until he ran off to the army to escape an unhappy marriage.

In the army he rose to become a commissioned lieutenant--an unusual position for a member of the working classes--but was forced to leave the army because of a case of pneumonia, which left him in poor health. Disappointed by a string of unfulfilling love affairs, Mellors lives in quiet isolation, from which he is redeemed by his relationship with Connie: the passion unleashed by their l0vemaking forges a profound bond between them.

At the end of the novel, Mellors is fired from his job as gamekeeper and works as a laborer on a farm, waiting for a divorce from his old wife so he can marry Connie. Mellors is the representative in this novel of the Noble Savage: he is a man with an innate nobility but who remains impervious to the pettiness and emptiness of conventional society, with access to a primitive flame of passion and sensuality.

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