What is the oil to petrol ratio on the efco 8250 ic ergo?

According to the product manual, Use a 4% (25:1) oil/gasoline mixture.


The 2-stroke engines have high power ratings, they therefore recommend the use of lead-free petrol of known brand, with an octane rating no lower than 90. THE TYPE OF GASOLINE TO BE USED (LEADED OR UNLEADED) IS REGULATED BY LOCAL LAWS. IT MUST BE FOLLOWED!

Important Notes:

Store petrol, oil and the mixture in approved containers
To prepare the mixture, use only specific oil for 2-stroke engines
Stir the mixture well before refuelling
Always refuel with the engine switched off and away from nąked flames
Before unscrewing the fuel tank cap, position the brush cutter on a solid, flat surface so that it cannot fall over. Open the cap carefully to allow any excess pressure to escape slowly without the fuel spraying out.
Prepare only the quantity of mixture required for immediate use; do not leave fuel in the tank or a container for a long time. They recommend the use of the additive if the mixture is to be stored for up to a year.

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