What is the percentage composition of SiCl4 (silicon chloride)?

Molar mass of SiCl4 = 169.8975 g/mol. This compound is also known as Silicon Chloride.

Molecular weight calculation:

28.0855 + 35.453*4

Percent composition by element:

Silicon: 28.0855 (Atomic Mass); 1 (# of Atoms); 16.531% (Mass Percent)
Chlorine: 35.453 (Atomic Mass); 4 (# of Atoms); 83.469% (Mass Percent)

Percentage composition is just a way to describe what proportions of the different elements there are in a compound. If you have the formula of a compound, you should be able to work out the percentage by mass of an element in it.

Remember, if there is more than one atom of the element in the compound, you need to multiply your answer by the number of atoms. If your answer is more than 100%, you have gone wrong!

You can use this online Percent Composition Calculator shared by Chemhaven.org.

Friday, October 06 2017
Source: https://www.convertunits.com/molarmass/SiCl4

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