What is the scoring system for the sun dreamteam?

The basics of the scoring system are pretty simple but are seriously stuffed by arbitrary points scoring for player ratings in the Sun and News of the World newspapers.

Goals are given with 5 points with 3 or more goals awarded with 5 additional points. Clean sheets also get a keeper or defender 5 points, while Midfielders get 2 points. Keepers and Defenders also miss a point per goal for every goal they concede after the first goal. Penalty saves earn the keeper 3 points and each booking removes 1 point and each red card 3 points.

Each player is also given 3 points if they score 7 or more in the Sun ratings for each match. The Sun “Star Man” on the other hand, gets an additional 5 points. Furthermore, the season’s top individual points scorer receives 20 additional points for his team.

There’s also an additional scoring variable, like for Saturday games only, players will score points if they come in the News of the World “Dream Team” on the Sunday. All players appearing get 2 points. The top rated player in each position gets 8 points. In addition, the Dream Team game scores matches in the Premier League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup, Champions League and the Carling Cup.

Of interest, according to The Drum the Sun has unveiled a new print and outdoor campaign which is created by Grey London, this is to promote its £500,000 Dream Team fantasy football league.

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