What is the world record for jaffa cakes eaten in an hour?

While there is no record found for the most jaffa cakes eaten in an hour, Stijn Vermaut of Belgium holds the record for the most jaffa cakes eaten in one minute.

Guinness World Records also has the record for the "largest Jaffa cake" measured 124 cm (4 ft 0.8 in) wide and had a surface area of 1.207 m2 (13 ft 2). It was created by Frances Quinn (UK) and Hambleton Bakery (UK) and presented on the BBC Radio 4 show The Philosopher's Arms in London, UK, on 20 February 2017.

The sponge base was mixed from 5.6 kg of eggs, 6.1 kg of butter, 6.1 kg of caster sugar, 6.1 kg of self-raising flour and 200 g of vanilla. Once baked, the base was topped with a 12-kg disc of orange jelly then covered in 15 kg of dark chocolate. The finished cake was presented on The Philosopher's Arm radio show as part of a debate – "Are Jaffa cakes a cake or a biscuit?" – and eaten afterwards by the audience. Frances was the 2013 winner of The Great British Bake Off TV show.

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