What is tristram (nicholas owen) from george and mildred up to these days

Last we heard, Nicholas Bond Owen was the distribution director at the free business paper City AM. Around the age of twenty-five, Nick took a job with Penguin Books Ltd (and its owners, Pearson), where he worked in all departments from courier to operations manager for fifteen years before taking the City AM job.

With several Nicholas Owens already in acting and on the books with Equity, the child actor needed to pick a middle name. His mum gave two suggestions and he was allowed to suggest a third. A James Bond fan, Nick chose Bond, which he noted in a 2009 interview “has haunted me ever since”.

The young actor won the part of Tristram Fourmile on George and Mildred when he was eight years old. After the series ended, Owen studied for his A levels and appeared in roles on stage and in TV series until he was 25. He also appeared as Freddie in the 1984 film Lassiter. His last credited acting appearance was in a BBC miniseries of David Copperfield which aired in 1986.

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