what movies did Natassia Malthe appear in?

Actress Natassia Malthe is known for This Means War (2012), Elektra (2005) and Lake Placid (1999).

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Natassia Malthe was born on January 19, 1974 in Oslo, Norway. Her father is a Norwegian teacher and her Malaysian mother is a retired nurse.

She's the younger of the two daughters of Harald Malthe, a teacher; and Phin Malthe, a nurse. Her only sister is Kristin Malthe, who is also a Giordano girl.

She's ranked #53 in Maxim's "100 Sexiest Women" (2003) and was named #74 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list.

Trending Now: Norwegian actress and model Natassia Malthe has accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her in a London hotel room after the 2008 Bafta awards ceremony.

She told a press conference in New York she met Weinstein at an after party and felt pressured into telling him she was staying at the Sanderson Hotel.

Malthe alleges Weinstein banged on her door, she let him in and he raped her. Read more at BBC News.

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