What time is building work allowed to be started on a weekend by law.

Not legal advice: The law in England does not define specific hours when building or other noisy operations can take place. However, it is generally recommend that activity that can be heard beyond the boundary of the site where it takes place does not start before 08:00 hrs and does not carry on beyond 18:00 hrs (Monday to Friday).

It is also suggested that work on Saturdays does not start before 08:00 hrs and stops at 13:00 hrs. Furthermore it is not recommend working on Sundays, Bank and Public Holidays.

Any work which creates a noise nuisance has to be carried out within a reasonable time and if there will be a problem, call your local Council's Environmental Health department.

To avoid troubles caused by building work, ensure neighbours are given advance notice of any work due to be carried out and let them know how long it will last. Examples of noisy activities include:

  • using hand tools - saws and hammers
  • using power tools - hand-held tools including saws, drills and sanders
  • using plant equipment - such as pneumatic hammers, Kango hammers, cement mixers, large power saws, planers, compressors and generators
  • pile driving
  • erecting and dismantling of scaffolding
  • partition walls - can produce high levels of noise for neighbours.

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