Where can I buy a blue slush puppie in glasgow city centre??

You may try the stores below as we found that their other branch in Glasgow area has a Slush Puppie unit.

Day Today Express, 53 High Street, Glasgow, G1 1LX, Tel: 0141 552 8264

Monday to Sunday: OPEN 24 HOURS

Londis Express, 41 Elmank Street, Glasgow, G2 4PG, Tel: 0141 221 6803

Monday to Sunday: 0700 - 2200

For enquiries please call Slush Puppie on 02085785785.

Homemade Slush Puppie is so simple and much healthier than shopbought, sugar-packed ones. And there are so many variations to try. Check out this homemade fruit Slush Puppie recipe shared by Goodtoknow.co.uk.

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