Where can u get replacement british gas cards from?

If you've lost your card or key, think it might be stolen or if it isn’t working, you can collect a new one from your nearest PayPoint shop.

Alternatively, British Gas can post you a new card or key within three working days. Call them on their Pay As You Go enquiries line to get a new one.

Remember to activate your new card or key by leaving it in your meter for one minute. Then you can top it up as normal.

If your gas card isn't working, your meter or card could be broken - wipe the gold chip on the card and try again. Check your meter for error messages too. If there is one, check What does the message on my meter mean?

You can get back any money left on your key or card when you lost it. You might have to give British Gas proof of buying the credit before we refund you though.

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