Where is the fuse box located on a seat leon?

As per SEAT - Leon manual (page 3.73), The fuses are located on the left hand side of the dash panel behind a cover. On right-hand drive versions, the fuses are on the right hand side of the dash panel behind a cover.

Here's how to change a fuse:

• Switch off the ignition and the component concerned.

• Take the cover off. To do this, place the flat blade of the screwdriver in the recess on the cover (arrow) and lever off.

• With the aid of the list of fuses, determine which fuse belongs to the component that has failed.

• Remove the appropriate fuse.

• Replace blown fuse – can be recognised by the burnt metal strip – with a fuse of same amperage.

• Replace the cover.

It is advisable to always carry a few spare fuses on the vehicle.

Note: Never, under any circumstances "repair" the fuses or replace them with more powerful ones, as damage in another part of the electrical system could occur. This could even lead to a fire.

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