Which english county has the most miles of motorway?

If it's for the most number of different motorways, it's Lancashire (162.7km). There are an astonishing 32 motorways currently featured that lie at least partially in traditional Lancashire. Next up is Yorkshire with 14, and Cheshire with 13.

For the Lancashire-14 area as a whole, there are 171.1 km of motorways and 795.2 km of 'A' roads. In total, the road network in Lancashire-14 in 2016 amounted to 7,991.0 km, with the various classifications of minor roads accounting for a large proportion of total kilometres.

As for the longest motorway, M6, which runs from Junction 19 of the M1 near Rugby to Gretna and the A74(M) near Scotland, has a total length is 232.2 miles, or 373.7 kilometres.

The M6 is also one of the UK's busiest routes. Communities along the M6 include Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, Manchester, Preston, Lancaster and Carlisle. The M6 first opened in 1958 and was completed in 2008.

Every extreme can be found on the roads that traverse the United Kingdom. The UK is home to some of the shortest roads in the world and one of the busiest motorways in Europe.

From the steepest to the most haunted, there are many interesting roads in the UK. See Ultimatedirectory.co.uk's UK Road Fun and Trivia to learn about these roads.

Thursday, October 26 2017
Source: http://pathetic.org.uk/faq/

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