Who did psycho killer the song was it roxy music or brian ferry ?

"Psycho Killer" was recorded by American rock band, Talking Heads.

There are some confusion over who recorded the song as Psycho Killer sounds like Roxy Music's Love Is The Drug and their team-up with ex–Roxy Music sound-eccentric Brian Eno for production duties on their next three albums (More Songs about Buildings and Food [1978], Fear of Music [1979], and Remain in Light [1980]).

Excerpted from Rebels Wit Attitude: Subversive Rock Humorists by Iain Ellis:

“Psycho Killer” was the band’s debut single release in 1977, and though it proved to make little commercial dent, it has become as emblematic of the band’s style and humor as “Roadrunner” has to the Modern Lovers. Its jagged, sliced rhythms and jerky vocal enunciation endeared it to the punk subculture of the time; yet, in many respects, the song was also something of an aberration alongside the more deadpan, less threatening numbers in the band’s set. Byrne’s attempt to get inside the mind of a serial killer led listeners into dark comedic quarters. According to biographer Jerome Davis, the song was an attempt “to combine Alice Cooper with Randy Newman.” Like the latter, Byrne gets in character, speak-singing his confessional, vocally acting out his “tense and nervous” condition. As the second verse begins, the narrative perspective shifts from first to second person, the killer addressing himself with an eerie inquisition that reveals his schizoid state. Disturbing though the portrait becomes, elements of levity consistently undercut the proceedings, whether it be the pop cliché “fa fa fas” of the chorus or the occasional pidgin French that adds quirky detail to the characterization. The humor of the fine (art) touches is superseded only by the hilarity of the sheer ambition of, firstly, tackling such a topic, and, secondly, attempting to do so from the inside out. Jerome Davis suggests that Byrne as “psycho killer” was an art exercise akin to Brian Ferry’s persona projects, saying, “He knew that he wanted to become an art project, to animate a created character.” - Read more at PopMatters.com