Wht cycle shoe a bed sheet in a hotpoint washing machine be washed at

When using a Hotpoint washing machine, you should select 'programme 8' (Bed & Bath) to wash bed linen and towels in one single cycle.

It optimises softener performance and helps you save time and energy. Hotpoint recommends the use of powder detergent.

Max. temp. (°C) - 60°

Max. speed (rpm) - 1400

Cycle Duration - 140’

Max. load (kg) - 8

There's nothing better than sliding into a bed covered in freshly washed sheets, but getting to that end-of-day treat certainly takes effort. Avoid these common missteps to ensure you get a great night's sleep on laundry day shared by Goodhousekeeping.com.

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Friday, September 29 2017
Source: http://docs.hotpoint.eu/_doc/19512179700_GB.pdf