Why do watford football club hav a moose as their logo?

The familiar Watford FC club crest or badge features the ‘head of a hart’, the symbol of the county of Hertfordshire, and not a stag or moose, as many people often think.

Hart is a male deer, commonly of the red deer, Cervus elaphus, especially after its fifth year.

A hart also appears in Hertfordshire’s arms, based on those of the borough of Hertford, in turn inspired by an ancient seal, which earliest surviving documentary dates back to 731 AD. It represents the town's location in the county of Hertfordshire.

This seal bears a hart standing in water, in the background a tree and a castle with three domed towers. They formed part of the arms of the family De Clare, by whom the Earldom of Hertford was held in the twelfth century.

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