Why does keith lemon alway wear a bandage on his right hand

According to an interview, Keith Lemon claims he wears a bandage on his right hand because of a reoccurring injury. He got injured when he set up Lemon Aid - where he 'took divvies white water rafting once a year’ and it was aggravated when he was attacked by a kangaroo when he tried touching his "tallywacker".

We suspect that he uses the bandage as a visual cue to remind himself to stay in character.

Keith Lemon is actually a character portrayed by Leigh Francis and is loosely based on his best friend (whose name is Keith Lemon). Lemon first appeared in the short-lived Whatever I Want in 2000, before later going on to make numerous appearances in Francis' sketch comedy Bo' Selecta!. Lemon is most famous for his comedy panel show Celebrity Juice.

In latest buzz, it has been announced that The Keith Lemon Sketch Show will arrive on DVD on 15th June 2015. The six-episode series will feature never-before-seen exclusive extras and it will be available to download at the same time. The Keith Lemon Sketch Show will be released by FremantleMedia International. Read more at Entertainment Focus.

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Tuesday, May 19 2015