Why does keith lemon alway wear a bandage on his right hand

As reported by Mirror, over the years he's fuelled speculation surrounding what could be underneath the bandage in order to keep his fans guessing.

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His most used explanation is that he has a particularly rude tattoo underneath that TV producers force him to cover up.

He said recently:

"I often wear a bandage on my wrist as I have a rather unorthodox tattoo right there and while I would argue it is a lively form of artistic expression, unfortunately most television producers tend to disagree."
"Over the years my bandage has become part of who I am and I always carry a spare in my pocket.” Adding: "Girls are forever coming up and asking me how I’ve hurt myself."

It's all been an elaborate lie however, as Keith has finally revealed the truth.

During an appearance on Chris Moyles' show on Radio X, the TV star admitted that it's all been one big joke.

He said:

"Obviously there's nowt wrong with my hand whatsoever, but it's artistic expression, like when Nelly wears a plaster on his cheek."

Keith Lemon is actually a character portrayed by Leigh Francis and is loosely based on his best friend (whose name is Keith Lemon). Lemon first appeared in the short-lived Whatever I Want in 2000, before later going on to make numerous appearances in Francis' sketch comedy Bo' Selecta!. Lemon is most famous for his comedy panel show Celebrity Juice.

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