Why does keith lemon alway wear a bandage on his right hand

Anecdotal sources suggest that Keith Lemon wears a bandage on his right hand because of a reoccurring injury. He got injured when he set up Lemon Aid - where he 'took divvies white water rafting once a year’ and it was aggravated when he was attacked by a kangaroo when he tried touching his "tallywacker".

Robert Clary 1953We suspect that he uses the bandage as a visual cue to remind himself to stay in character.

Keith Lemon is actually a character portrayed by Leigh Francis and is loosely based on his best friend (whose name is Keith Lemon). Lemon first appeared in the short-lived Whatever I Want in 2000, before later going on to make numerous appearances in Francis' sketch comedy Bo' Selecta!. Lemon is most famous for his comedy panel show Celebrity Juice.

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