Why does keith lemon alway wear a bandage on his right hand

According to an interview, Keith Lemon claims he wears a bandage on his right hand because of a reoccurring injury; first is when he set up Lemon Aid (where he 'took divvies white water rafting once a year.') The second one is when he was attacked by a kangaroo.

We suspect he uses the bandage as a visual cue to remind himself to stay in character.

Keith was born on 30 May 1973 in England. He starred in Celebrity Juice and Keith Lemon's LemonAid after launching his career on TV with the show Bo' Selecta. Davina McCall (a television presenter) was the one who encouraged him to perform stand-up comedy, and he created television characters such as Bobby Stark and Barry Gibson.

Of interest, Keith Lemon was recently spotted in the Lake District filming for ITV series, Through The Keyhole. Rumour has it he was visiting a Lake District property. Learn more from The Westmorland Gazette.

Updated on Friday, June 13 2014 at 09:23AM BST
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