Why isit important to follow manufacturers instructions when colouring hair in a salon?

It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions and precautions because all products and equipment are different and you must be made aware of any extra precautions that must be taken.

There are occasional reports in the media of people experiencing allergic reactions suspected to have been triggered by hair dye. For some people, these reactions have the potential to be severe and, on very rare occasions, even life-threatening.

“Allergy Alert Test” should also be carried out 48 hours before you plan to colour your hair in order to find out if you are allergic. Because you may have become allergic since the last hair colouring, or the ingredients could have changed.

Health experts suggest that you may reduce your risk of cancer by using less hair dye over time or by not dyeing your hair until it starts to grey. Check out some safety tips when dyeing your hair at Webmd.com.

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